Well, Hello again!

I think it’s been forever.

Like if forever was a quantifiable number, it would amount to the time I haven’t been here. But don’t worry- I am back!

Life happened and unfortunately blogging got pushed to the back burner and I’m totally ashamed of that!

So what has happened in the past however long it’s been since there was a post that wasn’t a product review?

Phew, where do I even begin!

Gabe was (obviously) born (9/2017) and from the get go had what feels like a billion medical issues. Poor kid has been through the wringer! Dairy allergy, eczema, other food/environmental allergies but oh boy none of that dulled his spunk. He is 100% a wild child and definitely added some more laughter to the clan here.

Cayden completed Kindergarten and is now heading into 1st grade. Landed his first ER visit with his first injury (luckily the could glue it and we were able to skate by without stitches) to start off his summer. Too smart for his own good and getting way too big! He is such an amazing kiddo and trust me, he’s going places!

Danny is following in the footsteps of his Opa and is now a beekeeper! I must say, he’s ROCKING it! THIS is what he was made to do. His summer is ending with back surgery to fix some pain and numbness issues he’s been having consistently for a few years now. But it won’t put him down long and hopefully he will be able to fully enjoy life and things he used to love after!

Me… I turned out quaint little secluded home into a mini-farm. 12 chickens, 2 goats and a potbelly pig, pumpkins, blueberries, blackberries and elderberries. Soon we will be adding turkeys, meat pigs and hopefully a calf in the spring. Aside from BurritoBuzz, I snagged my dream job with Mason Bottle, and just enjoying life a day at a time.

Sorry I was gone, but I promise you I am back.



Must-Haves for Weekly Game Nights

We’ve brought you quite a few must-haves for 2018 but why stop there?!

Cayden’s new and recent thing is “can we play a board game?”… I have absolutely no problem saying “absolutely” every night he asks because at this age, anything keeping him off of electronics is a win in my book.

We’ve been circling between Pop The Pig, Build or Boom, Diggin’ Dino Bones and The Baby Beluga Game. The first two are pretty main stream games but the last two, man, if you haven’t heard about them, I’m here to tell you they are must-haves!

Diggin’ Dino Bones

Diggin’ Dino Bones is a puzzle game in which you “dig” through dirt cards in hopes of finding your dinosaurs pieces and you have the be the first to (correctly) assemble your dinosaur skeleton.

The game includes:

1 Game Board

36 Dinosaur Cards

8 Dirt Cards

8 Action Cards


In all honesty? The board is pointless. The puzzles don’t look like the dinosaurs on the board and you don’t utilize the board for anything. It just took up space we needed on the table to build our puzzles.

The Baby Beluga Game

In this game, you win by working together- not competing against one another.

If the name sounds familiar, you must be a Raffi fan! The Baby Beluga Game was created, cooperatively, by Raffi and fair-trade, indie game developer Suzanne Lyons of CooperativeGames.com. It features paintings by Ashley Wolff, who illustrated Raffi’s Baby Beluga book, and comes with a free download of the Baby Beluga song and a 32-page illustrated booklet.

I LOVE that this game teaches children that you can win by working as a team and not necessarily outdoing and out-powering others ! The goal of the game is to help Baby Beluga swim free, while finding out about oceans and whales along the way. There may be trouble, but again- work WITH your friends to find the solutions and set Baby Beluga free!

Reindeer In Here

Move over Elf on the Shelf- there is a new tradition in town! Reindeer In Here has replaced the late night mess making elf, the alarms in your phone labeled “move elf” (don’t ask me how I know these exist) and the “don’t touch or [it] will lose its magic”.

Adam Reed released Reindeer In Here when he couldn’t find a Christmas tradition that fit the bill of what he was wanting. While yes, there is Elf on the Shelf, but like stated already above- stressful stressful stressful and NOT what the Reed Family wanted for their kids. So Reindeer In Here was born.

It is sold as a plush and book gift set and the story is precious! The reindeer has antlers that are different lengths to teach children that different is okay! The reindeer is meant to be the first gift sent from Santa and unlike Elf on the Shelf, children are ENCOURAGED to take the reindeer with them everywhere so that it can “learn” about each child’s uniqueness. While Elf on the Shelf spies on children, Reindeer In Here encourages the children to confide in their reindeer so that Santa can get to know them better. The reindeer “writes” letters back to Santa nightly (no real letters need to be written) and children place the reindeer under the tree on Christmas Eve for Santa to take back to the North Pole with him.

Honestly, this is the best tradition you could start and seeing as how Reindeer In Here has over 9 awards and has been named the 2018 Most Awarded Holiday Tradition Brand I’d think it’s safe to say- you won’t be disappointed.

Price wise the gift set will run you $32.99 on Amazon or $29.99 in local retail stores. Elf on the Shelf runs $29.99 and up as well so the pricing is definitely comparable.

Find yours in a local store near you and start your new family tradition!

Pop-Oh-Ver Playset Review

Kids love to pretend. Playing with pretend kitchens and pretend food seems like its a milestone for all children. The problem is, those big bulky play kitchens. They never match the decor, they take up tons of space and they’re just overall bulky and cumbersome.  Pop-Oh-Ver is here to change that. Pop-Oh-Ver playsets turn any ordinary (sturdy) dining room chair into a kitchen (or countertop) play set. It’s pretty simple, pretty innovative and overall pretty much a game changer in the imagination world.

We received the counter top, the stove top, the baking food set, the fruits and vegetables, the pretend food set, the pots and pans and the master chef set and it has kept Cayden and Gabriel busy for hours!

Assembly was…well, not as easy as I was thinking. The box shows it in 8 steps and while this is accurate it’s not as simple as it’s depicted. It took me a few tries to get it straights and on there correctly.

The counter top set features a shelf for storage and a “blender”. The stove set features a microwave door and over door which “open and close” and has “knobs”. While you can’t place anything in the oven, it still allows for pretend play with the door. Storage is easy as the items fold up but I have never been able to get them back into their box. The food is soft and great quality and the pots and pans are food grade stainless steel.

The play sets run $39.95 while the accessories run between $19.95-29.95 depending on the set you purchase.

Overall, 4 out of 5. I think the price is a little higher then I would be willing to pay, but the quality and concept-it’s really good.

SnoofyBee Showdown: Real vs. Fake

…and we’re back.

2 years ago, Casey did our initial review of the SnoofyBee in which she happily gave it a 5 out of 5 stars. When SnoofyBee reached out again and informed us that knockoff companies are using their pictures to promote and market their :ahem: less than fantastic product, I agreed to not only (re)review the SnoofyBee, but agreed to review the knockoff product and again provide a true, honest review and opinion.

This is a true knockOUT product versus knockOFF product. Let’s be real here, SnoofyBee was a knockout the second they launched their Kickstarter because it was the answer to everything a parent needed for diaper changes. There really is no comparison between the two.

**For the ease of the review, the REAL SnoofyBee is on the top or on the left in the pictures**

Packaging: SnoofyBee comes in a typical package but the product itself has a wrap on it with info, scannable QR code and pictures of cute babies. The knockoff has nothing. No instructions, no pictures that show you how it might work, and the zipper on the plastic bag broke so I couldn’t even unzip it and had to resort to just cutting it out of there. 1525966595084

Barrier: So the ENTIRE point of the product is to keep your child occupied and keep their hands out of their dirty diaper area. Both products achieved this but for VERY different reasons. The SnoofyBee’s barrier is rigid (yet still soft and padded) and when Velcroed shut, stands up on its own thus keeping Gabe’s hand out of his diaper area. The knockoff has ZERO stability and kept Gabe’s hand out of his diaper area because he was too busy trying to remove the product from his face as it collapsed. It offered NO rigidity an it’s also not adjustable. The SnoofyBee has adjustable Velcro while the knockoff only offered it to stick together in one location.


Toy Hooks: Gabe’s favorite “busy” toy is his Nuby keys. These do not have a split ring as you can see. The SnoofyBee offers attached toy rings with a split to be able to literally put any toy on there. The knockoff, I would have to purchase a separate ring in order to attach 97% of toys to it seeing as how all they offer is a completely closed D ring with no way to attach anything to it.


Strap: Both offer a carrying strap but the quality is drastically different. SnoofyBee has a thicker strap and buckle that just overall feels stronger and more stable.


Length and Width: While the knockoff product tops the SnoofyBee for overall length and width, the SnoofyBee offers more useable space since the barrier is attached differently. This allows for more adjustment when it comes to being able to grow with your child. When folded completely closed, the SnoofyBee is more compact and I was able to put it into my diaper bag with more ease.


Price: While the SnoofyBee comes in at $29.99 and the knockoff you can snag anywhere between $14.99-18.99, its a true “you get what you pay for” type ordeal. People are purchasing the knockoff and then purchasing the Snoofybee because the pictures are deceiving and the product people THINK they’re receiving isn’t what they ARE receiving.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 9.36.40 AM

You can clearly see in the below image that the knockoff has utilized the images from SnoofyBee to try to market their own product when in actuality, their product doesn’t amount to or offer the same attributes as the SnoofyBee.

Again, no comparison between the two.

Have you tried the SnoofyBee or the knockoff brand? What do you think?

Until next time.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 10.13.38 AM

I received a full-sized product for the purpose of review and in consideration for my true, honest opinion. No compensation was received in exchange for a positive review.

Virtuoso Bear: Sonatas, Concertos and Symphonies OH MY! {Review, Discount Code & Giveaway}

Since G was a little tiny guy, we have always softly played classical music in the background during any time of sleep. It started off with a mixed YouTube compilation, in which I quickly noticed my favorite and promptly bought it on iTunes. img_3017We now listen to Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K. 622 nearly every night during our bedtime routine and it helps Gabe wind down for the night (thank you, Mozart!) Which is exactly why we were super exited to review the new Virtuoso Bear by Vosego. They come in two styles, Ludwig and Amadeus. (You can snag your own with a 20% discount through Amazon using code 9YIMZ7P4 until 7/20!)

So now, instead of my trusty iPhone, Gabe has his new friend, Amadeus! The Vosego Virtuoso Bear is a soft, snuggly, soothing friend for just about any aged child. Each bear, Amadeus or Ludwig, comes dressed in era typical clothing, with battery operated music boxes tucked inside their tummies. Each bear plays 40 min of sonatas, concertos and symphonies written by their respective composers. 

Music is turned easily on and off by a battery pack nestled inside their tummy. The bear requires (3) AAA batteries, which are secured by a screw, so even if the child could figure out how to remove the battery/sound pack, they wouldn’t be able to get to the actual batteries. You can adjust/change the volume or track without having to remove the box! Double click to change the track and hold the button down to adjust the volume. I love that we don’t have to assemble and dismantle every time!

The outer part of each bear is washable (you just have to remove the battery/sound pack) and then hand wash it. The eyes and nose are embroidered on (hallelujah!) so they don’t pose a choking hazard for little ones that the hard ones do!

You can buy either bear on Amazon and they retail for $49.99.


They are available in Ludwig and Amadeus. You can use code 9YIMZ7P4 on either bear for 20% off!

These bears are a great gift for anyone and are “aged” from 0+. They would make a great baby shower present for any Mom-to-Be!

Want to win your own?

Comment below to let us know which bear you would chose!
Giveaway runs from May 15, 2018 at 11:00am CST until May 31, 2018 at 11:00pm CST. Open to all United States residents, 18+. Void where prohibited. No Purchase necessary and a purchase or payment will not increase your chances of winning. One entry (comment) per person. Winner will be chosen at random at the closure of the giveaway. Winner will be notified by email or comment reply and will have 48 hours to respond; failure to respond will result in forfeiture of the prize and BurritoBuzz will chose another winner.


Maze-O {Review & Giveaway}

As a mom to a child with what seems to be 100,000 useless annoying noise making toys, I always swoon over interactive STEM toys that not only challenge small minds alike, but they don’t require batteries or electronics. I love activity type toys that keep C intrigued and interested.

The Maze-O starter set was a toy fitting that bill. It is suitable for ages starting around 2 and when asked the best age, the CEO stated “young children, starting around age 2 can begin to put pieces together. By 3-4 years old they can be deliberate about forming passageways and branches that lead to dead-ends or exits. By age 5-6 children can follow the included instruction cards to form complex mazes and creat their own complex mazes with tricky passageways”…and she’s right! While Cayden is (barely) 5, he was able to look at the card and follow the colored instructions on how to build the maze on it. He then thoroughly enjoyed driving his hot wheels cars through said maze and then promptly destroying it and finding another card to follow.

Included in the starter set is a deck of cards with instructions for 30+ mazes, plus 5 different types of tiles. The tiles are brightly colored and fit together without much effort.

The Maze-O set was a huge hit here. Cayden loves to build, loves mazes and this product is truthfully the best of both worlds. Price wise, you’re looking at just under $30 which is reasonable for such a high quality toy. You can find Maze-O on Amazon or in Barnes and Noble book stores.

Overall, 5 out of 5.

Now for the best part! Win your very own Maze-O Starter Set! All you have to do is comment below for your entry! A random winner will be chosen on May 5th, 2018 at 10pm CST. The giveaway is open to all US residents ages 18+.

Sealy Soybean Comfort 3-Sided Contour Diaper Changing Pad {Review}

There are little things that us as parents tend to obsess over, and I found for me it was where I was going to change Gabe’s diaper. Cayden had a changing table that we never used so I didn’t figure we would get one for G. When Kolcraft reached out to review a changing pad, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity.

This particular changing pad is a life saver. It has deeper, taller sides to help contain those wriggly babies that try to do everything but lay still while you’re changing their diapers and while you should never leave baby unattended on a changing table, high surface, etc. it helps give a sense of comfort.

The quality of the pad is top notch and I noticed that there isn’t any absorbent stitching in the edges where baby lays which makes it more waterproof then the leading companies pads.

Price wise, you’re looking at $34.99. For the quality, size and comfort I’d say it’s fair, but realistically your baby will be changed where it’s convenient and I personally would not spend nearly $40 on this.

4 out of 5 stars. The price is a little high given how often I used it.


I received this product at no charge from the Kolcraft Mom Matters test group in return for an honest review.

My Pet Onesie {Review & Giveaway}

I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone loves kids and everyone loves animals (especially puppies and kittens). If for some reason, you don’t then I’m sure you know someone who does, so keep reading!

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 1.06.53 PM

My Pet Onesie is a US based company, with a US made products that allow you to upload your pet’s picture and have it printed on a onesie or child’s shirt. They offer a wide array of designs and both long and short sleeved onesies. They have 4 color choices for onesies (even more colors for shirts): white, pink, gray and blackDSC_1141

I chose the WOW So Art onesie and used a picture of my Great Dane, Ryder. I was a tad bit skeptical due to the naturally small size of a onesie, the 4 faces that are used on the particular design I chose, and the fact that I used a close up picture of my 160lb dog. When I received the product, I was pleasantly surprised at not only the quality of the onesie itself but the fact that the design is actually screen-printed on the shirt and isn’t a vinyl like I have seen with other companies.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.25.43 AMEase of Ordering:  No, really, it was that simple. So honestly, it’s pretty simple. You find the onesie/shirt design you want, and when applicable you choose your color and size, then you upload your pet’s picture and they do the rest!

Design: I LOVE that it is screen printed and not heat transfer vinyl (HTV)! I feel this will make it hold up longer and last throughout the multiple washes that kids clothes tend to go through. I also LOVE that the onesie has lap shoulders to allow for easy changing.

Sizing: I ordered a 6m for Gabriel. He is 27″ and 19lbs and it fits perfectly! He will have room to grow but it’s not baggy. The offer NB, 6M, 12M, 18M and 24M in onesies and they offer sizes 2, 3, 4, 5/6 in their toddler shirts. DSC_1133

Pricing: The onesies are $24.99 and the toddler shirts are $26.99 – $29.99. For the quality of the product, the fact the design is printed onto the fabric and not HTV, and that the design is custom- this is pretty comparable to other items I have found in the past. I paid nearly $40 for Cayden’s 3rd Birthday custom shirt and I think the quality was inferior.

Shipping/Packaging: Shipping is $4.95 flat rate with free shipping over $49! Also, for being a custom item, shipping was surprisingly quick. I placed my order on February 14th and it was delivered to me on February 21. The onesie arrived in a typical solid white shipping envelope with the My Pet Onesie logo on the top of the label. Inside, the onesie was in its own plastic bag with the packing slip.

Customer Service: I reached out to their customer service department for no reason in particular but honestly, just wanted to judge response time. I received a prompt response to all forms of communication.

Our overall rating? five-stars

Head on over to our Instagram for details on how to enter the giveaway!

and of course, don’t forget to follow MyPetOnesie on Facebook, Instagram, and their webpage.


*This review may contain affiliate links. The product was provided by the company free of charge and we have not received any compensation in exchange for a guaranteed positive review. The opinions within are that of my own*

Chameleon Kidz Blendy Pen {Review} and GIVEAWAY

**Comment on this post for a chance to win a Jumbo Blendy Pen Set! More details at the bottom**

We loves crafts, coloring, painting, and overall everything handmade. Who doesn’t? When given the opportunity to review Chameleon Kidz Blendy Pens I couldn’t resist.

Each blendy pen, although (2) markers- one on each end, are connected with a Fusion Chamber, which turns each individual marker into two more colors.temporary 2

Included with the kit were: 20 Blendy Pens, 10 Fusion Chambers, 10 Color Changing Posters, 2 sheets of Stencils, and 1 Blendy Pen Airbrush.

I started coloring one of the posters just to see how these pens truly “blended” (The poster isn’t complete, but stay tuned for an update). First, I was hesitant because I figured twisting the pens together and blending them would permanently ruin the colors, but I was wrong. The colors, as soon as the blended color runs out, goes

temporaryback to being the original color. It really is pretty cool.

The Blendy Pen Airbrush is pretty cool but I found it got messy quickly, you put a pen into the chamber, blow in the other end, and it blows the ink onto the paper in a well, airbrush type fashion. You can use the stencils, or freestyle.

Head on over to Chameleon Kidz website to view all of their great products and the retail locations!

Also, don’t forget to follow Chameleon Kidz on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to stay up to date on the latest announcements and products.

Want to win your own Jumbo Kit? Comment on this post about your or your child’s love for coloring to be entered to win! It’s that simple! [[This is a US Giveaway and is scheduled to end on January 3rd, 2018 at 11:59pm CST]]


Sashka Co. {Update}

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.19.31 AM

A little over a year ago, we wrote this review about these amazing bracelets. Well, we’re back to let our wonderful readers know that absolutely nothing has changed. We still love them and we still give a 5 out of 5!

If you aren’t familiar with Sashka Co, let me fill you in:

The bracelets are handmade, bead by bead, but artisan woman in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Sashka Co is partnered with various organizations that train and employ hundreds of artisans in rural communities. Essentially, they help the artisan women rise above poverty through fair trade practices and over 70% of profits go back to Nepal. Over 70%!

Sashka Co still offers their Perfect Fit Guarantee, Lifetime Guarantee and Free Shipping on orders over $25  (under $25 is $3 flat rate) and they have more and more beautiful colors and sets to choose from.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.01.39 AM

When we did the review a year ago, my youngest was 3.5 so not really grabby, now that we have Gabe, who is 3 months old and once he gets ahold of something, you have to pry his fingers off of it, I haven’t been able to wear any jewelry… EXCEPT my Sashka Co bracelet. The fact that they are woven with cotton thread and not elastic, he can yank and pull all he wants, and there is no fear of stretching the thread and snapping it.

The quality is amazing, the price is amazing, and the overall mission and story behind these bracelets is amazing.

Have you purchased yours yet? If not, head on over to Sashka Co. but be warned, you won’t buy just 1!

Leave us a comment below to let us know just how much you love yours!


**BurritoBuzz received this product at low or no cost for the purpose of review or testing. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All product reviews are based 100% off of our personal experiences with a product and we never guarantee a positive review.**

Play & Go {Product Review}

Getting our kids to clean up there toys is always a tedious, argumentative task. Cayden’s new thing is “I can’t carry them all”- to which I typically have him use his shirt as a “pouch” and I fill it up. It’s cute- but it’s annoying.

I was thrilled when offered to review the Play & Go. It’s a play mat, storage system that when flat acts as the play mat, and when it’s done being utilized, a draw string cinches the sack together and cleans everything up.


Cayden loves cars. He loves racing them around, driving them, making roads and lining them all up. What he doesn’t like is cleaning them up.

img_9494The Play & Go mat didn’t change that, but helped it not be such an argument. We received the Play & Go Roadmap print and Cayden loved it. He immediately went and got his cars while I flattened the mat out in the living room.

Now, this thing is huge! 55″ in diameter to be exact and the material is high quality, thick, polycotton canvas so durability isn’t even a concern.

temporary 2

The size is great as a play mat, but isn’t small hand friendly. Cayden, who is 4.5, couldn’t cinch it together by himself. I had no problem helping him, but would love to see something easier for smaller hands.

Overall what I don’t like, is the draw string system. There are two places to pull the drawstring and with a 4.5 foot diameter, it leaves a weird taco shaped ordeal, not the “sack” I was hoping for. I think if it had 4 places to pull to cinch it closed, it would be better and close more efficiently. temporary

Price wise, you’re looking around $40 for the regular sized and they do offer a Mini which is only $20. It is the same concept, same material, but only 15″ in diameter. It works great in the car for travel toys, a quick snack holder for park trips, or every a makeup bag. Play & Go has a color and design for everyone. Their Classic Collection offers 8 solid colors, the Print Collection offers 14 fun (yet subtle) prints, and their Designer Collection offers 5 choices including a “Color Your Own”. The Mini Play & Go is only available in 2 prints- either Cherrys or Thunderbolts.

You can find this versatile product on Amazon, in select speciality stores or you can send an email to info@hotalinginc.com where they can take you order and ship it direct.

Love the concept and the size. Not a fan of the seemingly ineffective draw string and think it would be more effective with 4 handles instead of 2.

4 out of 5 stars.


**Burritobuzz received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are that of my own and no compensation was provided or offered in exchange for a positive review**


No More Digging for Straps- My Baby Carseat SideKick Review

We’ve all been there… you place your sweet bundle of joy peacefully into their car seat only to realize that they’re laying on the straps and you now have to dig around to not only locate them, but you have to physically pull them out from under your baby and try your hardest not to upset the volatile little one … multiply the anxiety by 1,000,000 if your baby is asleep and your plan is to keep them that way. temporary 5

My Baby Carseat SideKick is here to solve that problem. Using something as simple (and extremely innovate) as a magnet, you can now easily pull the straps out of the way and get rid of the hassle of digging around.

The system is simple- two magnetic strap covers, two magnetic bells and (two sets of) two plastic clips. That’s it! It’s really that simple.

I’m not going to lie, I was super skeptical and so was Danny. We seriously thought that there was absolutely no way a magnet could effectively hold car seat straps out of the way. I’m pretty ashamed to admit how wrong we were, because truthfully, I have no idea what we would do without our Carseat SideKick now.

Installation was easy, like took literally 5 seconds. The hardest part was figuring out what shape clip would work the best with our car seat.


temporary 6We have a BabyTrend 1st Debut  and tried both clips (one is rectangular and one is more oval shaped) and found with our car seat, the more oval one works the best. You simply clip it on to the handle on the sides, velcro the strap covers below the chest clip and you’re done.
Price wise, you’re looking at $22.95, with free shipping over $50. For the quality of the product, this price is spot-on and well worth its weight in gold.

I haven’t had any troubles with the magnets detaching or coming undone and I’ve been able to get G in his car seat and buckle him in with no digging around numerous times. He even stayed asleep a few times.

Seriously, this is a must have product for everyone who has children in car seats, and I can tell you that I have found my go-to baby shower gift for all my friends and family. They offer the product in 3 colors: blue arrows, pink leaves, and yellow chevron. So there is a color for everyone and very neutral patterns. We received the blue arrows and I love the pattern and color.

5 out of 5 from me, but if I could assign a 6th star I would.


**Burritobuzz received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are that of my own and no compensation was provided or offered in exchange for a positive review**

Stair Barrier {Review}

We all have been there… those plastic, slide adjustment baby gates…there was always that weird in-between setting where it was either too loose or too tight. You end up settling for something in the middle and if the wind blew the wrong way, it fell over. Storage was a pain, taking it down and putting it back up was a pain… If you wanted to install it on the bottom of your stairs, you were S.O.L and installed at the top of the stairs isn’t the safest thing! All it takes is a little weight and pressure and your regular baby gate comes dislodged and your gate and child or pet are tumbling down the stairs.

Cumbersome baby gates, move over- Stair Barrier is the most aesthetically pleasing and versatile baby gate on the market.


The Stair Barrier is available in a variety of different fabrics , sizes, and Banister-to-Wall or Banister-to-Banister type and requires very little to no time to install. In short, it will easily fit pretty much any staircase without problem.

To touch on the different points-


Fabric: The variety of fabric choices allows for you to have a gate that compliments pretty much every theme and design style you can imagine. There is also an option to personalize them so if your house is anything like mine, and your stairs smack you in the face when you walk in the front door, having a bit of personalization is a nice touch. Now, the personalization does take about 2 weeks longer, but you have the option of ordering your Barrier and having the personalized patch mailed separate (it Velcro’s on- pretty nifty). They also make an indoor/outdoor version, which would be perfect for keep pets on or off decks and patios!

Sizes: The Stair Barrier comes in 2 different sizes, regular and wide. It’s super simple to figure out which one you need with a simple measurement. There is actually an option to order a custom size as well.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 1.21.33 PM

Banister-to-Wall: This is what I needed as our stairs have well, a banister and a wall.

The install was fairly simple and required a few screws and that was it. Took maybe 10 minutes total to get it installed?

Banister-to-Banister: This one is portable and weighs only 6lbs! It rolls up small enough that you can virtually take it anywhere and everywhere!

temporaryWe received a Banister-to-Wall, wide, black and tan Chevron print Stair Barrier with a personalized patch. Our stairs are smack dab right when you walk in the front door, so I figured something even more aesthetically pleasing then the already amazing solid colors would suffice. The package came quickly in a plain brown box (the patch was mailed seperate). Installation was simple and overall its amazing.


Although our youngest is only 8 weeks and can’t climb the stairs yet, its extremely helpful for keeping our dogs off the stairs. Being able to roll the barrier out of the way when we need to walk up and down the stairs is extremely helpful.

Price wise, you’re looking at anywhere between roughly $120 and $180 (and up to $269 for a custom size) depending on the style and if you chose to have your item personalized. Is this high? yes. Is it worth it? yes.

Shipping is FREE and they offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee (which you won’t need because this product is honestly, amazing)

5 out of 5 from me.




HearMuffs, Protection for Your Little Ones Ears

Us as parents do everything we can to ensure our kids are well protected at all costs. We spend hundreds of dollars on creams, lotions, sunscreens, and ways to protect our sweet kids from germs. But, what about their precious ears?


Lucid Audio has brought innovation to the market with their new to the market HearMuffs. This headphone style ear protection allows for the protection from exposure to loud noises starting at the audiologist recommended age of “newborn”.

HearMuffs come in 3 different styles, each equipped with the GrowBand, which is a adjustable, washable, soft and comfortable band that allows for the perfect fit. This band is adjustable from newborn until around 4 years of age allowing the HearMuffs to grow with your child for long lasting hearing protection.

The base model, HearMuffs protect young ones ears from loud noises and distractions. HearMuffs Soothe and Sounds offer the same protection with added features. Soothe offers the protection of the base model, but allows for parents to speak to their child without having to pull off the ear muff with the press of a button while Sounds offers the benefits of both the base model and Soothe, but also plays 4 comforting sounds for added help with distractions and soothing and calming children of all ages.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 2.14.22 PM.png

I do have to admit that this product is pretty great. With a newborn, although he sleeps through just about everything, it gives me the peace of mind that the vacuum cleaner, or hustle and bustle of the grocery store won’t hurt his tiny, developing ears. G didn’t seem to mind them on his head, however, seemed uncomfortable trying to lay down or sleep with them on as they didn’t really allow for him to lay his head to the side.

The option to play the sounds is awesome and the controls are fairly simple to operate. The ear padding is seemingly comfortable and the GrowBand is easy to adjust. For the amount of time they are reasonably used, I think the price point for the Sounds is fairly high.

Overall, I’d give a 4 out of 5 stars. If you have a lifestyle of hustle and bustle where your precious one will be around loud noises continually or constantly, then this is definitely the product for you. If you are a stay at home mom, who makes 1 weekly trip to the grocery store, then the $70 for the top of the line HearMuffs, may be a little drastic, but the base model would be perfect.

You can get $10 off your order using code HEARMUFFS10 until the end of October!


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Wondrous INK {Product Review, Exclusive Promo Code and Giveaway}

We love books. We asked for books instead of cards at Cayden’s baby shower, we attended library story time weekly and always ended up checking out between 7-10 books a week and he still practically begs for someone to read him a story before nap time and bed time. To say he has his own personal library would be an understatement.

When I ran across Wonderous INK, I was ecstatic. Wondrous INK makes books, personalized for each child,  using not only their name, but a little character that can be chosen20953857_1940852529525484_560971196040242750_n to look similar to the child. They essentially place your child into the story and utilize the letter’s of his/her name in super cool ways to tell them what is special and unique about them!

You start by entering the child’s name, choosing the gender and the character and then you can preview the book.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the book in the mail. It is in a bright red sturdy box and well protected. The book itself is made of super sturdy, high quality, thick paper and the colors are phenomenal. The package itself can be addressed directly to your child, so the excitement starts right at the mailbox. What kid doesn’t LOVE getting mail?

To jump to the point, Cayden LOVES his book! The wording is super cool and the entire story line is well written. He actually learned how to spell his name just with a few readings.

Inside the book, the author uses the letters of your child’s name to help other characters and then describes your child with a word starting with that letter. In our book, the letter “C” was used as a horseshoe to fix the cart horse’s hoof. The letter “C” also stands for the word “Clever”.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 9.21.26 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 9.21.35 PM

The book goes on through all of the letters of the child’s name and at the end, is a “paper” that states all of the unique qualities.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 9.09.29 PM

Given the quality, cleverness, and overall design, Wonderous INK definitely gets a 5 out of 5!

Wondrous INK knows that you too, will love the book so they have offered an exclusive promo code for our BurritoBuzz followers! To receive 20% off your order until the end of September, use promo code:


And, on top of their amazing promo code, we will be giving away not 1, but 2 books to our amazing followers! Keep an eye on our Facebook and our Instagram for details on how to enter!


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What Da Fluff? Monthly Cloth Diaper Subscription Box {Product Review}

There seems to be a subscription box for darn near everything nowadays. I was pleasantly surprised when I ran across a monthly subscription box for DIAPERS! Not just any diapers though- cloth diapers. What Da Fluff is a family owned and operated company (which I love) who does a monthly subscription box (which I love) which includes cloth diapers and related products (which I love). For just $15/ month or $165/year, you will receive a package with:

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 4.22.02 PMNow, this says “one male themed diaper” and thats only because I chose the “Boy Box”. However, you can chose from boy, girl, or gender neutral.

What makes receiving the “box” even more exciting, is the packaging. It is so much prettier than a plain cardboard box with a label slapped on it.

So, what was inside?
1- Kijani Swim Diaper
1- Reusable Cold Pack
3- TEViVE Tea Bags
2- Sweet treats!




What else I love about this whole thing? Everything is affordable -AND- if you fall in love with whats in your package, if available, you can buy the extra inventory off the website’s shop at the end of the month!

My star rating for What Da Fluff? is definitely at a 5 out of 5! The subscription itself is super affordable, the diaper product is of good quality and affordable, the packaging is decorative and not just plain jane AND its a family owned and operated company!

Don’t worry about the need to #buyallthediapers, subscribe for some #fluffmail and you’ll be equally as happy!


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Lucky Baby 3-in-1 Baby/Toddler Safety Harness Review


It’s so amazing when your new little baby is finally old enough to sit up on their own! That means you can start bringing them into stores and restaurants without that huge, heavy infant car seat. Such a burden lifted away! Like many new moms, with my first son we had a cart cover that we would put over the portion of the cart the baby sits in. But there were a few times the straps on the cart were broken or just not there! Now what? We, of course, never noticed this until all our stuff (diaper bag, purse, coupon binder, re-usable shopping bags…yeah I take a lot with me to the store :/) were all in the cart and ready to go. So we had to take out the baby, take everything out of the cart and go find one that had the straps intact. What a nightmare! Especially when my husband stopped being able to accompany us to the store, so that meant that I had to do all this hunting and putting together by myself with a baby in my arms.

Well, needless to say like every mom out there, I learned some lessons and tried some new things once baby boy #2 came along! The thought struck me one day at the zoo while my youngest (16 months old at the time) was throwing his biggest fit of the day over sitting on my lap for lunch versus sitting in a provided highchair right next to me. The rest of us (me, my husband and our oldest son) were all sitting in chairs around the table and my husband had removed a chair in order to place the highchair next to me. Big mistake! Turns out our youngest just wanted to sit in the chair (or my lap) with the rest of us but like many young toddlers, he wasn’t still in the least bit! That drive home I looked up portable high chairs so the lunch situation would not happen again! Amazon.com is a great place to get baby items and was the first place I looked when I came across the Lucky Baby 3 -in- 1 Baby/Toddler Safety Harness! Available in 2 colors, Swifty Black and Patriot (which we got) for only $26.99 on Amazon Prime, it was a deal we could not pass up, specially concerning that I’m going to Disneyland after Thanksgiving with my family this year and it is always a good idea to pack prepared for anything (like no highchairs presented). What really caught my eye was the fact that it serves 3 purposes and I have not meant a mom yet that does not enjoy a baby/kid items that can be used for multiple things!


Walking Harness:

This part had me confused when I read the instructions but it’s so easy! Hold up the leg holes into the waistband, place around your child’s chest and loosen the straps (if they’re still tight from using it as a high chair or cart strap). There is a nifty loop in the middle where both ends of the straps come together.



Portable Highchair and Cart Safety Strap:

So you have your baby place their legs in the leg holes and tighten the Velcro waistband (not too tight because the baby will get hurt, but also tight enough the waistband will not fall off). Then simply sit the baby on the chair/cart and unbuckle the two straps and re-buckle them around the chair’s/cart’s back. The only issue I have had is the buckle is hard to squeeze because it has that middle button you are suppose to press as well as the 2 side buttons. But once the straps are around the chair/cart, you simply pull them until they are tight enough around the chair/cart!

I LOVE this product! It was well made, washable (every baby item should be!) and folds up nicely to fit in my purse/diaper bag/ car kit/ whatever. We never go anywhere without it! It has become a staple in our diaper bag, one of those products I wish I had found sooner and a product I plan on gifting to my friends in the next coming months! It works as a walking harness for bot my 5 year old (when we are in crowded areas and we don’t want to lose him) and my youngest loves it, he stops and puts his arms up whenever we bring it out with us. We bring it even when we bring the stroller because baby boy is wanting more and more to run with his brother and dad, so this harness is perfect for our family! You can find the product here. 




Hope For Chance {Guest Blogger}

Pink and Blue. You see these colors most often associated with the birth of a new baby. Adorable, pink, frills and bows for a sweet girl, blue hats and onesies for a bouncing baby boy. These colors also adorn the awareness ribbon for Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

My name is Michelle Moskiewicz and I was brought into the world of infant loss on August 7, 2013. Chance, my sweet boy Chance was a wonderful, beautiful, healthy 20158299_10100673121551136_515744570_nbaby boy who was taken by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at two months and twenty-six days old. I guess it’s best to start from the beginning and work my way into that night and how we went about forming Hope For Chance, our non profit organization, that helps with families who have suffered from pregnancy and infant loss.

I found out I was pregnant with Chance about one month into my first deployment. According to the Air Force docs, I was just a little over two months pregnant. So, the Marine Corps sent me home.


Our pregnancy had a few complications, but Chance made his debut at thirty-seven weeks on the dot. He was a handsome chubby-cheeked boy who liked watching his dog and listening to “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Band (he wasn’t very fond of the Darius Rucker version). He was the piece of our family puzzle that my husband and I didn’t realize we were missing. With him, everything was as it should be. His blue eyes, blonde hair, and widow’s peak made him the spitting image of his father- which after being in active labor for sixteen hours I didn’t find fair, but he was perfect.

It was that night, no, early morning when our lives changed forever. My husband had woken up to go to the restroom and had stopped by Chance’s crib to check on him. I only remember his screaming for me to wake up and call 911. For the next five or twenty minutes (it felt like forever) I gave my little boy CPR while simultaneously praying to God that this was a nightmare. To this day, I can still remember the chill on his skin against mine. We followed the paramedics to the hospital and were told there was nothing that they could do, my baby was gone. We were able to hold him for awhile. We were able to kiss his tiny head, to smell his scent, to hold him in our arms. My heart and muscles still ache for that weight, for that smell, to look down and see him.

Almost immediately we were pushed into the Loss World. We were still driving home when we got a call from the hospital asking permission to use Chance’s heart valves. We went through an interview with the police, after they’d gone through our home, Chance’s things. They took samples of his formula, of our water, dirty diapers, his crib sheet. They were looking for a reason, a cause. I am so happy they did now that I look back. For an infant to be classified as SIDS there has to be no other cause of death plausible. Chance had been in his crib, on his back, with nothing else. They had no idea what killed my baby boy.20179905_10100673123542146_1794190815_n

Immediately I began researching SIDS and getting into contact with all of the major researchers in the United States and joining all of the support groups Facebook had to offer. It was there that I read the story of a family who, after buying all the things a baby needed, still owing the hospital for birthing because insurance didn’t cover it all, after only having her baby girl home for three days, lost her to SIDS. She couldn’t afford a service, a burial, or an urn. She got her daughter’s ashes back in a plastic bag. I said no. I told myself I would never allow that to happen to another family if I could help it. 20134865_10100673122569096_1879182236_nThat is the moment that Hope For Chance was born in my mind. Within four months, Hope For Chance was a 501(c)3 non profit whose goal was to assist families who had lost a baby (does not have to be SIDS) with the costs of services, burials, and cremation. We also donate funds to research for Dr. Hannah Kinney at the Boston Children’s Hospital, and every year we host the Run For Hope, an annual 5k awareness run to bring more awareness and education to what SIDS is, what it isn’t, and how families can keep their babies safe during sleep. Hope For Chance, in our short four years has been able to help several families across the United States give their babies a sweet goodbye.


While every late night phone call and e-mail from a family in need or a funeral home does remind me of our own loss, it also reminds me that though he is not here in our arms, he is alive in our hearts and in the hearts of everyone that knows our
story and those we have helped. We will be remembering Chance’s fourth Angelversary this year in just under a month.

I would like to thank Kirstyn for allowing me to guest post here on BurritoBuzz. She and I were brought together by happenstance, through our losses. I hope that any mothers or fathers out there who have suffered the loss of a child, whether miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss through adult loss, know that you are not alone. One in four women suffer with you. We are the guardians of our children’s memories. Whether that memory be a positive test, an ultrasound, a first smile, the first day of kindergarten, or graduation. You are not alone.


My First Cubby from Little Partners {Review}

d34b7eacde8e85faf23a8b18f840ae53If you’re a new or expecting parent, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. SPOIL ALERT! That tiny squishy baby will soon be an independent almost 5 year old faster than you can ever imagine. Time flies (I’m not at all exaggerating) and soon your little angel will be a wanting to do everything for him or herself with zero help from mom and dad. In my case, that new found independence is so welcomed. I gave birth to my youngest daughter 11 months ago (how is she almost one? *insert crying emoji) so my oldest wanting to do things for herself is a huge help. Whether it’s getting herself dressed, brushing her teeth by herself, going to the bathroom alone, or simply getting herself alp_cubby_lifestyle-800x800 snack, it’s one less thing that I have to do. So I jumped at the opportunity to review My First Cubby ($159.99) from Little Partners!

We have worked with Little Partners in the past and we love their products! You can check out the Tri-Side Learn & Play Art Center review here. I was excited to see how the Little Cubby could make our lives easier and help my daughter grow even more independently. First of all, the construction is solid. It was rather easy tcubo put together, the instructions are very easy to read, and it was put together rather quickly (my husband builds furniture for a living so he may have had an advantage). Once built, I noticed the amazing quality. It’s sturdy and looks very classy in our hallway, it’s a piece of furniture you can be happy to put on display. After a quick screw in the wall for the tether to prevent it from falling, it was ready to go!

There are 2 sides, which is perfect for us so each kid can have their own side. There’s a top cubby that we use for hats. Below that is a section with 4 hooks on each side to hang coats and bags. On the bottom is a little cubby for a 2-3 pairs of shoes. My girls have so many shoes but I put the ones out that they were most often. I seriously love being able to ask my daughter to her jacket, shoes, and school bag and she knows to hang her stuff up when she gets home. It’s so nice! I love that it’s also teaching her to be responsible for her own things and she also knows where she can find her school bag or coat, it’s always in the same spot that she put it. The great thing is multiple cubbies can be pushed together for more children and for day cares or schools!

I’m beyond impressed with Little Partners. The My First Cubby will complete any bedroom, foyer, or playroom! I give My First Cubby a 5 out of 5 stars, it’s been such a help in our house and while the cubby is available in two beautiful wood finishes, I would love to see options available in colors. Soon enough my youngest will be able to hang her coat and bag on her side, but for now, my oldest is happy to lend me a helping hand!

Be sure to check out all of Little Partners fabulous products here and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay up-to-date with sales and new products!

– Casey

**BurritoBuzz received these products at low or no cost for the purpose of review or testing. No compensation for positive review was provided. All product reviews are based 100% off of our personal experiences and we never guarantee a positive review.**

A Day In The Life Of Twins.{Guest Blogger}

16736705_10104229509146770_729079791_nWhen someone asks you to tell you what a day in the life having twins is like, the first word that comes to mind is deja vu! So, imagine everyday is groundhog day, except what you just did starts over 5 minutes later. Is there such thing as groundhog minute? As much as my twins are alike, they are completly different. First and foremost, my twins are fraternal twins. One boy. One girl.  L&N.  The love between them is something to witness. They love each other but are jealous of each other as well!


We have a rough schedule for these two.

  • They wake up (later than most children because of the schedule we put them on 🙂 ), eat breakfast, play for about two hours
  • take a 2 hour nap
  • get up
  • eat lunch
  • play for another hour or two
  • shorter nap, get up
  • play until dinner
  • then play until “bottle,”
  • then finally bed.  

Sounds about a normal toddler kind of day right? I’ll get into a little more detail for you now…


N wakes up at 5:45am, wants to cuddle, bring to bed until he is back to sleep then take him back to crib.

N wakes up at 9:30-9:45am, time for breakfast.

When we go in to get N, L is up as well and is giggling to get up and eat too. Pick up N, put him in his seat, go back pick up L, put her in her seat, make breakfast times two, cut up to their size and put on their trays.

Start to make my breakfast after theirs is on their plate. Get mine in the toaster or blender, turn around to N telling me “more” (baby sign language is AMAZING). L is only a couple bite behind him.

Pause my breakfast to make some more for them, cut it up, put on their trays.

Finally finish making my breakfast to see the “more” sign. Ok, milk time. Make two sippys of milk, sit down to eat and drink my coffee. 3.png

After I finish my breakfast/coffee, I get them cleaned up and out of their seats to go change their diapers.

Now it is play time. They usually let me know they are tired when they are playing when start laying with the blankets and rubbing their eyes. With one question, “Are you ready for your nap?,” we march our way back to their cribs, where they stand in front of theirs designated cribs waiting for binkie and “up.”

Naptime is GLORIOUS! Two to three hours of work time. Whether it’s my small business work or getting some things done around the house. Hubs would say I do nothing. Don’t listen to that man! Haha! During this time, I get to eat a warm lunch. Some general peace and quiet. Maybe even shower and put normal clothes on.

Around 3:00-3:30pm, N&L wake up. This wake up is the easiest as they are usually giggling and talking to each other in their room. 4.png

So, N&L are up and it is time for lunch.  Here is where they can be different.  Two out of three meal times can end up with multiple meals being made. L has a texture thing. She might like the food, but if she doesn’t like the texture she won’t eat it unless you give her a fork and put the food on the fork for her.  N is a garbage disposal.  He eats almost anything and everything.  But N also has a little reflux so right now spaghetti is out of the question until we determine if he is just overeating it or if it irritates him.

Mealtime is usually over when they start throwing the food on the floor. They are like cats about it! You tell them no and they will stare you in the eyes and just hold their hand over the edge of their tray then drop it on the floor.  N gets cleaned up, then L, change N’s diaper and then L’s. N will probably buck around this time with poop on his butt or L will have a dirty diaper and try to grab what’s on her bum before i get the wipe to it. Do they make squeegees for baby bums? If not someone get on that!

L loves books, music, princess, and dollies.  N likes music, balls or anything he can throw, and anything he can try to take away from his sister. This play time usually ends up in a “fight.” N likes to throw his arms around, usually smacking L in the head. But don’t fear L may be small, but she is mighty and will knock N on his tush.

Most days, these two will get grumpy about 5pm and it’ll be time for nap number two.  If not, while Mama is making dinner, they will be right behind me pulling out everything in any lower cabinet. The favorite thing to play with this week is the bag of unopened pepperoni. But don’t worry, when you try to get it, N will more than like run away with it then throw it over his head at you and L will be a doll and HOPEFULLY pick it up for you for you get there and put it away.

Dinner is served. Same deal except this time L is loving the green beans you put on her tray and N is throwing them on the floor with force!  Clean up after meals is twice the fun because you have two trays to clean up, an entire dining room to sweep, two faces and four hands to wipe down plus if they had plates.

N and L are usually a little grumpy after dinner but Mama and Daddy might just think that because we had been going all day with no nap like they got! They will play, watch some toons, dance, Change N’s diaper whose is again kicking his legs, knocking things off the changing table. Then L’s diaper who is actually being a peach reading a book this time. Their other favorite sign during this time of night is “cookie.”  I usually end up with “more cookie” instead of just “cookie.” I blame that on Daddy, his nickname is Cookie Monster.

Come about 9:45-10:00pm, they are getting super grouchy.  “Babies, you want your baba?” Both squeal, march off to the kitchen where we make their bottles, and don’t leave our side until we are ready to go back to the living room where they climb into their spots for their last small “meal” of the day.

When they are done, both will get up when you ask if they are ready for bed, waddle their way back to their room.  Change L’s diaper. Change N’s diaper. Turn the music on because N won’t sleep without it. If we forget, 30 minutes later, N is screaming for it.


Finally, they are in their cribs and time for relaxation. NOPE! Two times the toys to pick up, still need to finish putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and oops I forgot to include someone in all of this… BIG GIRL!!

I didn’t forget her! Typing our day out without including her actually proved to be quite difficult! Ha! BG is very similar to N but she is 4 years old and usually starts all off all of these events, not N. BG loves her brother and sister very much but also loves her alone time, too! She shares a lot and is learning what she is and isn’t allowed to share.  Which is great for us because instead of trying to keep those little food themed toys away from one toddler mouth, we have two mouths. Our fingers have plenty of bite marks to prove. Those 1 year old molars really do hurt!
I love my twins! We were only going to have one more kid after BG. I always joked with my husband that we were going to be the ones in his family who end up having twins because they run in his family. Even two days before the ultrasound that told us we were having twins, I asked “what are you going to do if there is two in there?” He didn’t find it as funny as I did, even two days later.  Life wouldn’t be the same without those two.  I catch even try to imagine what it would be like without one or the other because they are both so amazing! They truly do make our little family complete.

~Mama of Twins ❤

Baby Dam {Product Review}


Who else despises baby bath tubs? I know I couldn’t stand them when my  toddlers were tiny. They take up so much room, I never felt like they were safe enough, and they were such a waste of money since you only use them for a few months. Thankfully my kids were close together and BK#2 starting sitting fairly early so the need for a baby tub/seat was virtually not needed. Now we just use way too many gallons of water and fill up the tub for both of them. Scratch that!  We USED to use too much water. That is until Baby Dam sent us their awesome product.

The Baby Dam The BabyDam bathtub divider is a unique patented product that allows you to customize the size of your bathtub to fit your need and to conserve the amount of water that you fill up your tub with.

Below: Without the BabyDam® barrier
(Using 100% of tub & 30 gallons of water)


Below: With the BabyDam® barrier
(Using 50% of tub & 15 gallons of water)



It is made with the highest quality materials that exceed the European and United States safety standards!  There are two different styles you can choose from depending on the way that your tub is made.

If the inside width of your bath tub is between 22.5 inches & 26.5 inches, order the BabyDam® in US & Canada size.

If the inside width of your bath tub is LESS THAN 22.5 inches wide, order the BabyDam® in European size.

The tub divider makes a secure and tight seal on a CLEAN and dry tub. I found that if there was any soap residue left from a previous shower or bath that I hard a very hard time getting the divider to suction properly. I never had an instance that it wouldn’t stick, but it would let a little water through to the other side. It was easily remedied by following the given directions specifically!

Notice the little bit of water on the other side of the dam



It takes only a minute to install on your tub, and you can use suction cups to hang it on the back of your shower wall to save room. No storing a big bulky baby tub anymore!

Buy yours here!  And be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

I am beyond excited about this new product!  It is a money saver, a time saver, and more importantly safe!  It give me such an amazing peace of mind that my littles ones have much less room to slide around in. I cant wait for more of my friends have babies, because I know what I will be gifting them!




VertiPlay™ Wall Toys from Oribel {Toy Review}

It’s been over a month since Christmas and I don’t know about you, but I’m still feeling the overwhelming wrath of my kids’ new toys. Each year, I clean out and donate toys that they no longer play with to make room for the new stuff, but it’s still not enough. Their play room in the basement is littered with toys. I’ve stepped on so many little fullsizerendertoys, at times I was positive I broke my foot. So when I was asked to review toy from Oribel, I was obviously hesitant. But but VertiPlay™ is unlike any game or toy children own, and the best part? They don’t add extra clutter on the floor and won’t be stepping on little pieces!

VertiPlay™ Wall Toys from Oribel are fun, whimsical toys that hang on the wall or door, allowing for free space on the floor but offering tons of fun! It’s a win-win for both mom and children! No more asking over and over for your kids to pick up their toys! Another plus? You won’t mind them on your wall! They’re visually appealing and simply add to your child’s bedroom or playroom decor. VertiPlay™ also gets your little ones up and gets their blood flowing as they stand at the wall to play and run around.

The designs are simple, engaging, and fun my little one loves her Busy Woodpecker ($19.90)! It was really easy to attach to the wall, I just wiped the spot clean, removed the back of the sticker, and attached it to the wall. Easy peasy. My little one loves tapping the the woodpecker’s tail (sometimes a little too much) to light up the the little bird’s house in the tree. The wooden windmills help with dexterity through fun play! There are many different designs and styles for a range of ages, from 9+ months to 3+ years, verti1you can see them all here! The quality is superb, I would expect nothing less from Oribel! I adore their products. And while I haven’t removed our wall toy, it leaves no damage to the wall and is easy to peal off.

VertiPlay™ gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me. The price point of each set is just right and my daughter really loves playing with her woodpecker toy. If you’re ready to shop for your own VertiPlay™ Wall Toy, you can head to your local Babies R Us or shop online at Amazon and diapers.com. I will definitely be adding a few more wall toys to our playroom, as my oldest is a little jealous she didn’t get one! If you have an older child, I think the Goofy Moose is perfect for them! Be sure to follow Oribel on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for new products and more, you won’t be disappointed with this fabulous company!

– Casey

**Burrito Buzz received this product at low or no cost for the purpose of review or testing. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All product reviews are based 100% off of our personal experiences with a product and we never guarantee a positive review.**

Flying Squirrel. A New Kind Of Sleep Sack by Sleeping Baby. *GIVEAWAY!*

…notice blanket all the way at the end of his bed!

Every night I sneak into our baby’s room to re-tuck him back in and ensure his room is warm enough. Some nights I used to even turn the heat up in the house just to make sure he was warm. The winter months are brutal here in Ohio and our little one makes it worse by NEVER staying covered up. I always thought sleep sacks, and ‘toddler sleeping bags’ were unnecessary and ridiculous looking. A cozy fuzzy blanket is MUCH cuter. We are well past the stage of not being allowed to have extra bedding in his bed, so swaddles and sacks shouldn’t be needed, right? WRONG. BK#2 HATES being covered. He appeases us, snuggles up with his lovey, lets us cover him with an adorable Aden & Anias dream blanket, and then the second that we walk out of his room he pushes it to the opposite end of his crib. Really kid?!?!

Thus, began the search for the perfect toddler sleeping solution. I really wanted a way to help my baby sleep without waking, because he was cold, but he is much too old for traditional swaddles. I found some awesome sleep sacks, but the fact that they are a sack makes him pretty mad. He was getting used to it, but I kept on searching to find something to keep him warm AND happy.

I FOUND THE BEST SOLUTION FOR ALL AGES!our-brands-zipadeezip.jpg

Sleeping Baby has the perfect products for infants transitioning out of swaddles, for toddlers like mine refusing to stay covered and warm at night, for preschoolers needing a sleep solution for nap time at school, even teethers,  and necklaces for mom!

Sleeping Baby is AMAZING COMPANY with an even better story. They truly have a heart for their customers and LOVE what they do! They started their company making something to transition their daughter out of the traditional swaddle and created the revolutionary Zipadee-Zip, that was discovered and aired on Shark Tank! I could go on and on about this couple, because they are truly an inspiration to all parents to follow your dreams and to do what is best for you and your family, but I really want to talk about the FLYING SQUIRREL so I encourage you to read all about it here!Sleeping-Baby-522x348.jpg

WHAT IS A FLYING SQUIRREL?FS_Woodlands_Blue_Front_large.png

  • They are an extension of the Zippy because they’re the same basic shape, but have option openings/covers for the hands and feet.
  • The convertible hand and foot covers (like a new born onsie’s optional mitten flip overs )are to  to keep your little one extra cozy and warm without the need for socks. Seriously, ADORABLE! BK#2 hated the mitten option on his hands, but it gave me all the feels remembering  the itty bitty baby onsies. I am going to keep trying and maybe he will indulge me and let me cover his hands!
  • It comes in sizes 2T-5T.
  • Fleece or SUPER soft cotton option. We received the cotton material. – I suggest the cotton for spring and the fleece for winter months. (I put a set of PJ’s under the cotton material, because it wasn’t as heavy for winter as I normally would use.)
  • At LEAST a dozen prints for each gender, and many are gender neutral!sleepingbabyburritobuzzzippersleepingbabyburritobuzzzipper2
  • Zipper coverings! The top of the zipper is always enclosed and there is a layer of fabric covering the zipper on the inside to ensure you don’t snag your baby or their clothes.
  • They run big and look at little baggy on your child. That is how they are supposed to be! Don’t worry! You want your baby to be able to move around freely in their bed AND if gives the product more longevity! All parents know that baby gear lasts for no time at all.
  • They wash up wonderfully! They stay super soft and buttery, and the print doesn’t fade one bit!
  • Fairly priced at $36.95 . This might sound a little high for “pj’s”, but for sleepers and sleep sacks its just right and around the same price as SIMILAR products on the market. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE THIS DESIGN AVAILABLE!



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