I think it’s been forever.

Like if forever was a quantifiable number, it would amount to the time I haven’t been here. But don’t worry- I am back!

Life happened and unfortunately blogging got pushed to the back burner and I’m totally ashamed of that!

So what has happened in the past however long it’s been since there was a post that wasn’t a product review?

Phew, where do I even begin!

Gabe was (obviously) born (9/2017) and from the get go had what feels like a billion medical issues. Poor kid has been through the wringer! Dairy allergy, eczema, other food/environmental allergies but oh boy none of that dulled his spunk. He is 100% a wild child and definitely added some more laughter to the clan here.

Cayden completed Kindergarten and is now heading into 1st grade. Landed his first ER visit with his first injury (luckily the could glue it and we were able to skate by without stitches) to start off his summer. Too smart for his own good and getting way too big! He is such an amazing kiddo and trust me, he’s going places!

Danny is following in the footsteps of his Opa and is now a beekeeper! I must say, he’s ROCKING it! THIS is what he was made to do. His summer is ending with back surgery to fix some pain and numbness issues he’s been having consistently for a few years now. But it won’t put him down long and hopefully he will be able to fully enjoy life and things he used to love after!

Me… I turned out quaint little secluded home into a mini-farm. 12 chickens, 2 goats and a potbelly pig, pumpkins, blueberries, blackberries and elderberries. Soon we will be adding turkeys, meat pigs and hopefully a calf in the spring. Aside from BurritoBuzz, I snagged my dream job with Mason Bottle, and just enjoying life a day at a time.

Sorry I was gone, but I promise you I am back.