Somewhere in my late night social media perusing trying to enjoy the few awake hours where my house is clean and quiet I ran across “Play Snow”. I read it molds, feels cold, and cleans up easily. So naturally, we had to check it out.

Of course I didn’t have the 2 “everyday household” ingredients because, well, how convenient would that have been but we bundled up and ran to the nearest store.


All you need is:

  • 3c baking soda
  • 1/2c conditioner (We used Suave conditioner because it’s white and well, the coconut smell was nice (Anything with color, will make the “snow” a tint of that color.)
  • Container (I used a shallow aluminum baking dish. They were from Dollar General and it was $1 for 2 pans)

So $4 for the materials, 5-min in prep and the boys played with it for 2.5 hours… straight. I made 2 full recipes (one for each kiddo) so they had more than enough to do whatever they wanted. I measured and mixed it directly into their respective trays.

They built castles, and snowmen and igloos. Made tire tracks with cars, used cookie cutters for “cookies”.

It doesn’t stick to hands like I thought it was going to (which isn’t a bad thing!). It did while mixing it because you are squishing the conditioner throughout the baking soda, but a quick rinse in the sink and it was cleaned off my hands.

Cleanup was honestly a breeze, and oh man did they Gabriel make a mess! I scraped with my hand what I could off the table into one of the trays, used a big cooking spoon and scooped it into a bag. I tossed both kids and all of the blocks and toys they used into the bathtub. I sprayed the table with some cleaner, grabbed a linen towel and wiped it up and it was done. I swept the floor with a broom and since I do have a carpet under my table, I grabbed the vacuum and swept it off. Cleanup too about the same time as making it, roughly 5 min.Image from iOS (13)

Unlike the slime fad. This is nothing that can hurt your drains or sewer/septic system. It doesn’t congeal or clog up like the glue in the slime. As soon as it hits water, it rinses away to nothing.

So the cool thing- you don’t have to throw it away! You can store it in a bag and if it gets too dry and doesn’t stick together, just add a few tablespoons of conditioner to re-moisten it.

This is defiantly a new favorite in the house and Cayden is already asking if we can play again tomorrow.

Overall, success.