mom-pulling-hair-out1 (1)As parents, there are a lot of things that we hear and shrug off (because let’s be honest, we might not agree with what’s being said, and it just isn’t worth the argument.) This is not to say that I don’t appreciate the good-will of others, because I firmly believe that others just want to converse and help as much as possible. Mothers of all generations can identify with the struggle of being a new parent, and genuinely want to be of some assistance.

One phrase, however, that I’m not particularly fond of is “we survived it”.

For instance:

-In talking about babies no longer sleeping with anything in their cribs (blankets, bumpers, stuffed animals, positioned, etc.) I have heard, more than once, “my baby was fine.”

-In talking about seat belts and car seats: “We never wore seat belts, and we’re fine.”

-In talking about eating GMOs (scientifically proven to have adverse consequences): “we eat it and we’re fine”

-In talking about old toys that may be coated in led paint: “our kids played with them and they’re fine”

ETC.ETC.ETC. Seriously, this could go on forever.

But here’s the thing: you may be fine, but obviously some child wasn’t, or it wouldn’t have been changed. When someone contracts Ebola and lives through it, they can say “I’m fine, I survived” but does that mean you are okay with contracting Ebola? NO. Perhaps a brash comparison, but as a civilization we are constantly modifying, improving, and revamping. And why would it be any different when it comes to the safety and well-being of our children, the most important age group of our population?

The simple answer: No child should die from faulty products. It just shouldn’t happen. If you quickly Google “baby recalls” you will come up with an unending list of recalls, from top brands nationwide. When my child’s car seat is recalled, you’d better believe I’m the first in line to call and get a replacement.945f84468a72aea103b63c65ed81c62b

My child’s safety is of the utmost priority. Just “surviving it” isn’t an option.

Criticize me all you’d like, scoff, mock, think I’m crazy… But I’m always always going to do what is in the best interest of my child. And the crazy part? The generations thinking we’re crazy for all of the baby products we have or don’t use were probably told the same thing by the generations before them… “we survived it”. Yeah, my car seat is super padded. Yeah, I’m using safety straps for the large furniture that could fall over on my baby. Yeah, I’m not using the crib bumpers “that everyone used” back in the 90s.

So parents, let’s just remember that when our children are grown with children of their own, we aren’t going to criticize the latest baby products. I think we all could just use a break and some breathing room.