This little set is a mommy’s best friend! Seriously!

How many times have you forgotten a sippy cup at someone’s house? The store? The park? The black hole that is sippy cup/ snack cup land? This set makes those worries go away!

Pros: Cheap! I’m talking less than $10 for quality products!Untitled (5) They are advertised as a disposable product for the trash or recycling, but they are pretty sturdy and good quality. I have yet to throw one away! They are also stackable, which means less clutter in your cabinets! (You’re welcome fellow OCD parents!) The set includes forks, spoons, snack containers with lids, bowls with lids, and cups with sippy lids.

You can toss them all in the dishwasher!

The bowls and snack cups can be used for multiple things, outside of just snacks. I just popped two binkies in a snack cup and put it in the diaper bag!

These are gender neutral– I really appreciate gender neutral things since I have both a boy and a girl under two! BK#1 can’t claim things as hers, just because they are pink! I aim for gender neutral items for that reason alone! I really don’t need to give them additional reasons to fight down the road. We all know they do it, why not try prevent it!

untitled (3)The set comes in a little zipper bag that my toddler has been carrying around and playing with! Great way to practice using a zipper!


The sippy cups are NOT leak proof. I was well aware of that, and I don’t plan on giving them to my babies yet, but to nephews and nieces who might dribble a little? YES! Great for kids that are a little older, and who know not to tip a cup upside down.

The spoons are a little wide, and BK#1 doesn’t really like them, but I’m sure in a few months it won’t matter.

The picture of the set is advertised with a cap for the sippy cup lid, untitled (4)and that was not included! So just be aware. It is not in the description of what you are buying (if you purchase online like I did,) but if you just look at the photo, you might get confused.

I would definitely recommend this to friends and family, despite the few cons. If you need something else to add to a gift, this a perfect little add-on with a TON of value!


The company made some super cute videos to go with their products too! Check it out below: