Melissa & Doug have done it again! My oldest received a Water Wow coloring book as a gift when we had her younger brother, and I am still in awe of it! I cannot tell you how many times I have showed this to people who haven’t heard of it or recommended it to fellow mommies out there. It is so great!




If anyone knows my husband, you know that he is not a fan of messes or anything that makes a mess. Things like markers, paint, play dough, etc. are not played with in our house without supervision. We keep all food in the kitchen, take off our shoes at the door, and wash our kids’ hands good after they play outside or eat. That being said, when I discovered this AMAZING toy, I could not wait to get on Amazon and order many more!! Water Wow is a unique toy in that it is basically water color painting, but it can be done over and over and over again in the books that it comes with. All the kiddos have to do is let the pages dry, refill their pen with water, and then do it all over again!!




Literally, NO MESS. Unless you’re worried about a little water (and I mean a little) that is the only “mess” that comes along with this toy. We’re even comfortable with our child playing with this on the carpet and furniture because the water stays on the pages and rarely leaks from the pen.


The refillable pen is great because . . .


1. It’s refillable. You don’t have to worry about buying new because it ran out of ink. The two pieces that make up the pen easily screw together so refilling is simple to do and can be done wherever water is available!

2. It can be stored in the plastic compartment on the front cover of the book. This makes it great for taking on trips and ensures it’s not easily lost.

3. I mentioned it rarely leaks. We don’t even take the time to empty it at the end of each use. We haven’t experienced any problems with it leaking when it’s stored on the front of the book.

4. It’s “chunky,” so little ones can easily hold it and use it for fine motor development.



The book itself is spiral bound and compact. I find this is important because kiddos can carry it around themselves and not lug around a big coloring book and box of crayons. Everything is all together in one little book and they can easily turn the pages as they please.

The pages are durable. You would think that the constant water on these pages would eventually make the pages soggy or warp. I will say that ours has held up great after several months of use. The color is still vibrant on the pages and the spiral binding is still sturdy.



Melissa & Doug offer several options for this product. On Amazon, you can find single activity books for $4.99 and sets of 3 books for $14.99. We’ve also tried out the Water Wow Splash cards with our oldest, and they are equally as awesome. There isn’t a convenient place to store the pen if you don’t keep the box, but the cards can be bound together with a ring which is nice too. These are $9.99 on Amazon.



It’s a great learning toy for your kiddos. Letters, numbers, colors, animals, are just a few of the book options offered. Not only will your kiddos’ imaginations and creativity be triggered with this toy, their fine motor and writing skills will develop.



I’m really pulling at strings to come up with something negative to say about this product. My kid loves it. It’s clean, it promotes learning and development, and it can be taken anywhere we go . . . what more could you ask for in a toy?! I think it’d be great if Melissa & Doug came out with a less compact version. This may not be as convenient to take places, but I’m sure my little one would love even larger pictures to paint and play with.


We would give this toy 6 out of 5 stars if we could, and it will definitely be a go-to gift for any birthday parties we have in the future. I have a feeling my nearly 3 year old is going to be loving this toy for a few years to come, and I am totally okay with that!!

Another round of applause Melissa & Doug – thanks!