750660_ba6192b1e1994ca6b2df785ae7250c2eA little while back I found this awesome company on Pinterest. I was just scrolling through the “Kids” section at 3am while feeding BK#2, and I am so glad we contacted them to try out their product! The company generously sent all of the BurritoBuzz moms product to try out!

All of their products are  natural and certified organic, but also free of bleaches and toxic dyes! The natural wood toys are all natural wood, and don’t have any harsh stains, but are sealed with bee’s wax and olive oils! FABULOUS!

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Eco Teether–  “You don’t see many teethers made from wood, but I can vouch for them and tell you that my 14 month old loves them (so much, in fact, that he had to take them into the bath with him to chew on.) The quality and design are ideal for babies learning to grab and hold things. I highly recommend the Mary & Kate teether, and think it would be a great addition to any registry! ” ~ Katie

The Eco Teether was “Montessori inspired” to stimulate your baby’s senses while soothing their little gums!

individual rings burrito buzzMary and Kate offer individual rings that you can attach to carriers, strollers, and other toys. It makes their product so versatile!


IMG_20160408_124201They also make a Teething Necklace with a teething ring on it.  I have tried many teething necklaces and I can honestly say this one is made really well! It has the little wooden balls tied together and then the ring at the end. It is a perfect amount of stimulation without looking like you have a toy hanging around your neck! Believe me….there are some products that look like you just strung a toy on some ribbon… this is not the case! I didn’t feel weird or awkward going out with out my LO’s and still wearing it. My only complaint is they it is a ribbon tie in the back, unlike some that are a snap. I just don’t like the feel of the ribbon ends on my neck, but that is a completely personal preference! IMG_20160409_094827557

Megan and I tried out the Bib with the detachable teether, and it was great! Like all of their products, it is dye free and super soft! I personally appreciated that it was very absorbent. BK#2 has a mouth full of teeth coming in, and the drool in just a constant fountain. A bib that will keep it contained is super important, and the fact that I can attach something to it just made it 100x’s better. It comes with one of their individual rings, but you can snap anything on it! The bib also has three adjustable snaps so you can use this bib with just about any age baby. They come in a two pack gift set, making a super easy gift, or just a really great value if you want two!

I really liked how the bib adjusted at the neck and you could attach a teether to it at the bottom. It was well-made, soft fabric that washed up nicely too.” – BurritoBuzz Mom Megan Mary and KAte bib set burritobuzz





Maryand KAte bib burritobuzz


















Along with the teethers, they have a toy with little rings like the individual teething rings, its called their Maple Teething Toy! This thing is by far my sons favorite toy right now! He will dump his whole toy basket to find it. It is just the right amount of noise to make him IMG_20160409_094356874happy, but the maple is still soft (unlike other rattles and noisy toys) that he can stick it in his mouth and gnaw on it! PERFECT! Its not only for babies as a rattle! BK#1 is super into music, and is equally obsessed with shaking it, but with some added dancing and singing that her little brother doesn’t do just yet.


I am always looking for natural remedies for our baby’s aches and pains. Mary and Kate sent us their Baby Colic Calmer, Soother and Warm Massage Pillow.  It is an organic cherry- pit heat pack. Its super versatile, you can pop it in the micro real quick and it helps soothe a tummy ache, or use it as part of your night time routine after bed time and us it as a massager! BK#2 loved it!IMG_20160409_095213482 He is a big fan of bath time, mommy playing with his hair, and rubbing his back, so it totally topped off his evening, and made it super easy to lull him to sleep! For my older one I kept it in the freezer and we used it as an ice pack! Toddlers fall on a daily basis, (especially since its getting nice here in the state, and we are outside alot more!) so having a safe ice pack is essential!  You can also use it for vaccination days to ease pain and swelling, insect bites, and natural pain relief for ear infections.  I have zero complaints for this product! you can put it in the wash, and dry without any worry and its clean and ready to go!

Organic swadle blanket mary and kate burritobuzzMary and Kate also makes the softest, purest Organic Swaddle Blanket I have ever had my hands on. It is free of dyes, bleaches and other harmful chemicals and makes the perfect gender-neutral gift that any baby (mommy and daddy will want one in their size, too!) will love to be swaddled in. It’s a generous size at 47″x 47″ so baby will be perfectly comfortable.” – Casey

BurritoBuzz mom Casey just had her little burrito, and I know you have been dying to hear/see more about her LO!  She tested out the blanket and loved it, and shared some pictures of baby girl for our readers.







I mean, could she get any cuter!?!?!

BurriBuzz moms all approve of Mary and Kate products! Its a rarity to find a company that is so flawless, and has such great products that are SAFE for babies!

But it gets better! They are having a HUGE sale! Not only do you get a discount if you buy more than one item, all of their items are marked down!



 ♥ 10% off 2 ♥ 15% off 3 ♥ 20% off 4 ♥ 25% off 5 or more items


You can find more info on the company and all of their products here.

Happy shopping parents!


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