Sashka Co. Bracelet {Review}

Five of the Burrito Buzz Moms received an awesome offer for us each to review a bracelet from Sashka Co. I connected with the company via Twitter because I was intrigued by their adorable bracelets that appeared to be perfect for moms. I personally am not a big jewelry wearer. I have a few nice p13920912_387822378008680_563082164170156136_niece that my husband bought for me, so I always wear the same thing. I never wear anything too flashy or bulky, and I definitely stay away from jewelry that my kiddos could get a hold of and ruin. This bracelet has met all of my expectations!

Sashka Co. is a unique company because their bracelets are handmade, bead by bead, in Nepal. Artisan women work from home for fair wages in hopes to beat poverty through fair trade. The company is focused on empowering women and promoting gender equality.

Even more reasons to love Sashka Co.:

  1. Each bracelet is 100% unique because they’re handmade.
  2. Bracelets are hand crocheted using glass beads and cotton thread. Because of this, the bracelet will simply roll over your hand and form to your wrist for the perfect fit and fit over any size hand.
  3. Sashka Co. offers a lifetime guarantee. With that said, if your bracelet breaks, they replace it! The company also promises an IMG_4211exchange or return if you are not happy with the fit of your bracelet.
  4. They offer a ton of colors and color combinations to go with any outfit.
  5. The bracelet was durable just as I had hoped. My 1 year old pulled on it when it was around my wrist, and not only did it not break, it didn’t seem to get stretched out.
  6. Bracelets range from $13-28 from Sashka Co.’s website. I think this is more than reasonable, especially because they also offer free shipping on orders over $25! They also have bracelet sets available.

A a mom of two little toddlers, I think it’s important to feel like I’m put together some days, because most often, I am so far from put together. If a little jewelry will do that, then so be it! This bracelet is dressy enough to add a little flare to any outfit for any occasion, but practical enough to be worn around my little ones. I give it 5 out of 5 stars, and I’m sure my fellow Burrito Buzz Moms will agree! They too love their Sashka Co. bracelets!

13397485_1626017717714673_1888079011_aCheck out Sashka Co. on their website to learn more about their business and to buy some of their beautiful bracelets!

Follow Sashka Co. on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

 – Megan

**BurritoBuzz received this product at low or no cost for the purpose of review or testing. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All product reviews are based 100% off of our personal experiences with a product and we never guarantee a positive review.**


46 thoughts on “Sashka Co. Bracelet {Review}

  1. What color number is the bracelet in the picture above (the different color bracelet). I really like that one and may order, but don’t know the item number.


  2. Bought 6 of these and one is prettier than the next love them all…And thanks for the ring wasn’t expecting that was a surprise…and the idea that if they break they will replace them,,, not going to get that anywhere else…Beautiful work!!!


  3. Love, Love, Love these bracelets, I bought 1 to try them and love the way they fit.I have 6 for now, all bought recently, I like the idea that you just roll them over your hand, no clasp, no metal, just beautiful glass beads all woven together by hand. If you want a beautiful, comfy, casual or elegant bracelet just try one and find out how much you will like them.


  4. brand new customer. They are like potato chiips you cant just buy one. I have bought 6 in 2 days and received my 2 just a few days ago. they are beautiful brightly colored beads and the meaning behind them are worth buying the bracelets and for me at the age of 79 they are easy on and off just roll. and the price is very reasonable. Now the company is wonderful where can you find lifetime warrentys nowhere . love this company. glad I found it. love Mrs Carmela Confesor


  5. Love, love these bracelets…. I receive so may comments on how beautiful these bracelets are….I have a few of them and want more …they just go with everything for dress or play….I have bought a few for gifts….great gift for anyone….


  6. I just received mine, they are beautiful. I bought one for daughter and two for me. I love how they so smoothly go on. I know I will be buying more!!!


  7. I absolutely LOVE these bracelets! I bought three right out of the gate. I work with the public and I get compliments I them every day. I wish I had more and hopefully I will soon. I tell EVERYONE about them and Sashka, it’s a fantastic cause and the product is terrific. Love it and highly recommend!
    Deb in CA


  8. I love I am helping women in other countries support their families. They have a talent that benefits us as jewelry lovers and gives them purpose and income. It’s a win win! I have maybe 10 or more and I’m trying to get them to coordinate with each other…I love the design ones! So talented these ladies are. Thank you to whoever got this program together!😊❤ There is more untapped talent out there 😊


  9. I gave purchased 2 of these for my 4 year old granddaughter, they are beautiful and she lives them . I al.jsp have purchased 6 for myself…my favorite bracelets. Will buy more for my daughters, picking out colors is difficult as there are so many different patterns and colors.


  10. Please make a bracelet that says, YES, WE DO RECOVER. I know so many recovering men and women who would LOVE to have one of your bracelets–they would also makes great gifts for us to give each other on recovery birthdays. Thank you in advance for your consideration. I would suggest black.


  11. I love these bracelets! I got a few colors, and also got a teal and white one in remembrance of my mom who past away from ovarian cancer… Beautiful! Highly recommend.


  12. I love these bracelets. I work with my hands-sewing, florist, dog groomed, woodworking, cooking,etc. I have always been hard on my bracelets and afraid to wear ones I love because they always break. These are adorable and they don’t break or get caught on things . Best of all I don’t have to find someone to help me put it on. Love them!


  13. I am embarrassed to say how many I have. I started buying them but in May and love every one. I get dressed and go to my collection and ultimately find a few with the colors I am wearing and, I am complete. I no longer wear my gold bracelets for casual. They are so comfortable even in the heat and humidity. I just bought four more this weekend. Some colors I bought in May are no longer see what on the website. But new color combinations keep coming out. I have earned enough for n rewards to purchase items, and I am very lucky takings turn at the discount wheel. The customer service is excellent and the items ship promptly. I am so happy to have found Sasha!


  14. I purchased one and after I received it I was hooked. Great quality and price. I know have 9. They have new ones all the time. Love, love them. Really comfortable and don’t snag your clothes like some bracelets do AND help women of Nepal. How great is that!! Thanks!


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