Who else despises baby bath tubs? I know I couldn’t stand them when my  toddlers were tiny. They take up so much room, I never felt like they were safe enough, and they were such a waste of money since you only use them for a few months. Thankfully my kids were close together and BK#2 starting sitting fairly early so the need for a baby tub/seat was virtually not needed. Now we just use way too many gallons of water and fill up the tub for both of them. Scratch that!  We USED to use too much water. That is until Baby Dam sent us their awesome product.

The Baby Dam The BabyDam bathtub divider is a unique patented product that allows you to customize the size of your bathtub to fit your need and to conserve the amount of water that you fill up your tub with.

Below: Without the BabyDam® barrier
(Using 100% of tub & 30 gallons of water)


Below: With the BabyDam® barrier
(Using 50% of tub & 15 gallons of water)



It is made with the highest quality materials that exceed the European and United States safety standards!  There are two different styles you can choose from depending on the way that your tub is made.

If the inside width of your bath tub is between 22.5 inches & 26.5 inches, order the BabyDam® in US & Canada size.

If the inside width of your bath tub is LESS THAN 22.5 inches wide, order the BabyDam® in European size.

The tub divider makes a secure and tight seal on a CLEAN and dry tub. I found that if there was any soap residue left from a previous shower or bath that I hard a very hard time getting the divider to suction properly. I never had an instance that it wouldn’t stick, but it would let a little water through to the other side. It was easily remedied by following the given directions specifically!

Notice the little bit of water on the other side of the dam



It takes only a minute to install on your tub, and you can use suction cups to hang it on the back of your shower wall to save room. No storing a big bulky baby tub anymore!

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I am beyond excited about this new product!  It is a money saver, a time saver, and more importantly safe!  It give me such an amazing peace of mind that my littles ones have much less room to slide around in. I cant wait for more of my friends have babies, because I know what I will be gifting them!