16736705_10104229509146770_729079791_nWhen someone asks you to tell you what a day in the life having twins is like, the first word that comes to mind is deja vu! So, imagine everyday is groundhog day, except what you just did starts over 5 minutes later. Is there such thing as groundhog minute? As much as my twins are alike, they are completly different. First and foremost, my twins are fraternal twins. One boy. One girl.  L&N.  The love between them is something to witness. They love each other but are jealous of each other as well!


We have a rough schedule for these two.

  • They wake up (later than most children because of the schedule we put them on 🙂 ), eat breakfast, play for about two hours
  • take a 2 hour nap
  • get up
  • eat lunch
  • play for another hour or two
  • shorter nap, get up
  • play until dinner
  • then play until “bottle,”
  • then finally bed.  

Sounds about a normal toddler kind of day right? I’ll get into a little more detail for you now…


N wakes up at 5:45am, wants to cuddle, bring to bed until he is back to sleep then take him back to crib.

N wakes up at 9:30-9:45am, time for breakfast.

When we go in to get N, L is up as well and is giggling to get up and eat too. Pick up N, put him in his seat, go back pick up L, put her in her seat, make breakfast times two, cut up to their size and put on their trays.

Start to make my breakfast after theirs is on their plate. Get mine in the toaster or blender, turn around to N telling me “more” (baby sign language is AMAZING). L is only a couple bite behind him.

Pause my breakfast to make some more for them, cut it up, put on their trays.

Finally finish making my breakfast to see the “more” sign. Ok, milk time. Make two sippys of milk, sit down to eat and drink my coffee. 3.png

After I finish my breakfast/coffee, I get them cleaned up and out of their seats to go change their diapers.

Now it is play time. They usually let me know they are tired when they are playing when start laying with the blankets and rubbing their eyes. With one question, “Are you ready for your nap?,” we march our way back to their cribs, where they stand in front of theirs designated cribs waiting for binkie and “up.”

Naptime is GLORIOUS! Two to three hours of work time. Whether it’s my small business work or getting some things done around the house. Hubs would say I do nothing. Don’t listen to that man! Haha! During this time, I get to eat a warm lunch. Some general peace and quiet. Maybe even shower and put normal clothes on.

Around 3:00-3:30pm, N&L wake up. This wake up is the easiest as they are usually giggling and talking to each other in their room. 4.png

So, N&L are up and it is time for lunch.  Here is where they can be different.  Two out of three meal times can end up with multiple meals being made. L has a texture thing. She might like the food, but if she doesn’t like the texture she won’t eat it unless you give her a fork and put the food on the fork for her.  N is a garbage disposal.  He eats almost anything and everything.  But N also has a little reflux so right now spaghetti is out of the question until we determine if he is just overeating it or if it irritates him.

Mealtime is usually over when they start throwing the food on the floor. They are like cats about it! You tell them no and they will stare you in the eyes and just hold their hand over the edge of their tray then drop it on the floor.  N gets cleaned up, then L, change N’s diaper and then L’s. N will probably buck around this time with poop on his butt or L will have a dirty diaper and try to grab what’s on her bum before i get the wipe to it. Do they make squeegees for baby bums? If not someone get on that!

L loves books, music, princess, and dollies.  N likes music, balls or anything he can throw, and anything he can try to take away from his sister. This play time usually ends up in a “fight.” N likes to throw his arms around, usually smacking L in the head. But don’t fear L may be small, but she is mighty and will knock N on his tush.

Most days, these two will get grumpy about 5pm and it’ll be time for nap number two.  If not, while Mama is making dinner, they will be right behind me pulling out everything in any lower cabinet. The favorite thing to play with this week is the bag of unopened pepperoni. But don’t worry, when you try to get it, N will more than like run away with it then throw it over his head at you and L will be a doll and HOPEFULLY pick it up for you for you get there and put it away.

Dinner is served. Same deal except this time L is loving the green beans you put on her tray and N is throwing them on the floor with force!  Clean up after meals is twice the fun because you have two trays to clean up, an entire dining room to sweep, two faces and four hands to wipe down plus if they had plates.

N and L are usually a little grumpy after dinner but Mama and Daddy might just think that because we had been going all day with no nap like they got! They will play, watch some toons, dance, Change N’s diaper whose is again kicking his legs, knocking things off the changing table. Then L’s diaper who is actually being a peach reading a book this time. Their other favorite sign during this time of night is “cookie.”  I usually end up with “more cookie” instead of just “cookie.” I blame that on Daddy, his nickname is Cookie Monster.

Come about 9:45-10:00pm, they are getting super grouchy.  “Babies, you want your baba?” Both squeal, march off to the kitchen where we make their bottles, and don’t leave our side until we are ready to go back to the living room where they climb into their spots for their last small “meal” of the day.

When they are done, both will get up when you ask if they are ready for bed, waddle their way back to their room.  Change L’s diaper. Change N’s diaper. Turn the music on because N won’t sleep without it. If we forget, 30 minutes later, N is screaming for it.


Finally, they are in their cribs and time for relaxation. NOPE! Two times the toys to pick up, still need to finish putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and oops I forgot to include someone in all of this… BIG GIRL!!

I didn’t forget her! Typing our day out without including her actually proved to be quite difficult! Ha! BG is very similar to N but she is 4 years old and usually starts all off all of these events, not N. BG loves her brother and sister very much but also loves her alone time, too! She shares a lot and is learning what she is and isn’t allowed to share.  Which is great for us because instead of trying to keep those little food themed toys away from one toddler mouth, we have two mouths. Our fingers have plenty of bite marks to prove. Those 1 year old molars really do hurt!
I love my twins! We were only going to have one more kid after BG. I always joked with my husband that we were going to be the ones in his family who end up having twins because they run in his family. Even two days before the ultrasound that told us we were having twins, I asked “what are you going to do if there is two in there?” He didn’t find it as funny as I did, even two days later.  Life wouldn’t be the same without those two.  I catch even try to imagine what it would be like without one or the other because they are both so amazing! They truly do make our little family complete.

~Mama of Twins ❤